Shell Lake Sailing Club Pictures

Although sailing is one of the more enjoyable things we do, we also appreciate seeing other people having fun on the lake. Check out just a few of the pictures of the SLSC in action. If you have pictures of your own that you would like to include here, just email them to Tim Bauernfeind and he'll post them here for everyone to enjoy!

Shell Lake Town and Country Days Regatta
September 2, 2017

Our brave sailors before the regatta on Saturday.
15 minutes after the start, the race was called off due to a severe thunderstorm that developed right over Shell Lake.

2017 Town and Country Regatta


Shell Lake Arts Festival Regatta
July 3, 2016


Shell Lake Town and Country Days Regatta
September 5, 2015


Shell Lake Town and Country Days Regatta and Banquet
August 30, 2014


Shell Lake Town and Country Days Regatta
August 31, 2013


Shell Lake Arts Festival Regatta
Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Informal Race June 8, 2013


A nice action shot of the race on June 8, 2013
Brett Fiala and his wife, Renee Jennings on the left, Paul Moen and Steve Lewis on the right, shortly before Steve and Paul overtook Brett, and shortly before Brett fell off his boat when his foot straps came loose!


2012 SLSC display at the Shell Lake Campgrounds
Happy Holidays!


2012 Town and Country Days Regatta

2009 Town and Country Days Regatta
Shell Lake Town & Country Days 2009
                                                     Courtesy of the Washburn County Register - Larry Samson Photo

Pictures from the June 13, 2009 SIR (Saturday Informal Race):
The start...flags up and we're off!

Perfect heel on the way to the first mark!

A good rounding!

Pictures from the Shell Lake Arts Festival Regatta, July 5, 2008 — Photos by Larry Samson:

Peter Moen and Steve Lewis winners of the 2007 Shell Lake Cup Regatta:

2007 SLSC Annual Banquet Pics:

Commodore Tom Scott

Lavern Modrow presents his sea story of the Atlantic crossing on his Fountaine Pajot 43

2007 Sailors of the Year, Katie Bauernfeind and Mike Jorgenson

Labor Day Regatta


Saturday Informal Race

Most of the Shell Lake Sailing Club

Town and Country Day Regatta 2001 Participants.

Sailing Tactics Classes (held prior to SIRs)

Professor Dennis Wagner discusses the fundamentals of competitive sailing prior to one of the SIRs.

Pictures from the 2002 Sailing Banquet
 Not only a talented group, but good looking too! Rumor has it that the guy in white can't wait to start his sailing career.  Dave and Rick chat with the evening's speaker - Thom Burns, editor of "Northern Breezes."

Road Testing the Escape "Mango"


 Lisa and 7 year old Addy try out the Mango

 Dave easily single-hands the Mango

Girls can Mango! 
Lisa and Brianna try it out

 11 year-old Cam becomes another SLSC junior sailor!