Shell Lake Sailing Club Newsletter
May 14, 2004

2004 Sailing Club Banquet – June 5, 2004
I want to start out by thanking Tim Bauernfeind for getting us a speaker for our 2004 Shell Lake Sailing Club Banquet. The speaker will be Oscar Heath, owner of Heath Sails. He has over 35 years experience in Sail Making and has lots of Sea Stories. According to Tim, he is very entertaining. The Banquet will be at the Trout Road Inn (formally Swiss Chalet), just West of Shell Lake. We will start out with cocktails at 6:30 PM or earlier, dinner at 7:00 PM.

Following our dinner we will present our club awards for "Sailors of the Year", hand out some door prizes, have our meeting, where we will discuss our upcoming events and anything else that needs hashing over and then sit back and enjoy our speaker.
Dinner Choices
Don Bruce of the restaurant is handling banquets and large get-togethers a little differently this year and has given me a list of 10 entries of which our Board of Directors has chosen 3 for our Banquet. If you would like to have a Vegetarian meal at $15.50, give me a call and we can work it out.

The three entrees we picked are as follows with the price that includes tax and tip. The dinner includes salad, baked potato, butter, dinner roll, coffee and desert. I would like to get our numbers in by the end of May so help me out and mark it on your calendars. Make your check out to me and I will handle it with Don that night.

Prime Rib - $19.99
Walleye - $19.99
Chicken Kiev - $15.50

Sailing Club Social Events
We would like to improve on these events, so if you have some ideas bring them to the Banquet.

Wine Tasting Party
We will be having a wine tasting party again this year, brought back by popular demand. We may make a few changes to it, but only to make it a little bit better. We will talk about it at the Banquet.

Sail Around the Island
I would like to bring back the Sail Around the Island event this year with a little different starting place. We will make this part of our SIR program. I have to talk to my neighbor first and will announce specifics at the Banquet.

Sailing Club "Sailor of the Year" Awards
The award for male "Sailor of the Year" goes to Steve and Debbie Parsons. I mention Debbie in this male award, as she is an integral part of that team. They had 3 first place finishes, which is hard to beat. There were 5 skippers that were in the running for this award and that is just great. As I mentioned before, you have to be in at least three out of the five races we run to qualify for the award. The award for female "Sailor of the Year" goes to our Membership Chairman, Karen Flolid. She really works hard out there sailing and I would like to see more women get out there and give her some competition. We have a rule that you can’t win this award two years in a row, so come on women, lets go for the award this year.

Broken Rudder Races
The CRAW (Catamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin) will be challenging the Catamaran Association of Minnesota in a series of races that will be held on July 31th and Aug. 1st. The prize that goes to the winning club is a traveling Broken Rudder and a lot of bragging rights. If you have a catamaran you can enter the races as some of our members did last year or you can volunteer as a crew member. These are excellent races because the sailors are some of the best in the Mid-west, so you should get out on the water and watch the action up close. At the Banquet I will bring along a chalkboard to show everyone how the races are run and where is the best place to watch them.

Boats for Sale
We have a number of sailboats for sale as I mentioned in an earlier Newsletter. As far as I know, they are still available.

Lyle Holm is selling his Flying Scot, which is 19’ long, Mfg. by Douglas in 1962, sail # 2076. It has a tilt trailer, (2) mail sails, (2) jib sails and a spinnaker sail. It also has a mooring cover and a motor mount. He is asking $3500.00 and he can be reached at 715-635-3302 or His boat had (2) 1st’s and a 2nd place this year. Awfully close to tying for sailor of the year award.

Bill Gretler has an O’Day Javelin which is 14 feet long and he wants $1400.00 for it. It has a trailer and has been stored with Terry the Barber over the winters. You can try to get him at 715-468-7344.

Dennis Christopherson has a 20 ft. Texas Marine cabin cruiser. This can be seen at 1119 E. Lake Drive. I think that he wants $5000.00 and he can be reached at 715-468-7169 at the lake or in Amery at 715-268-2991.

Ernie Zumbrunnen has a 12 foot by 5 foot wide Swiss Navy sailboat. You can see it under the trees at 1313 E. Lake Dr. and his phone number is 813-464-8612 or call me and we can look at it. 468-2294.

Friends of the Sailing Club
I want you to remember the following businesses, as they have been our friends over the past year.
We had a great Banquet at the Swiss Chalet (old name), new name, Trout Island Inn, last year and are going back again this year, so next time you are there, stop and tell Don Bruce how much we appreciate his place.

We want to thank Diane Ericksen of Thunder Gifts Gallery for her help and support, so stop in and check out her clothing line with the Shell Lake Sailing Club embroidered on them. Her shop is our official clothing shop. She is always open for suggestions of clothing ideas for us.

All our awards are made by hand by Pattie Fox of Play Dirty Clay Studio. She has a shop at her residence at 351 County Rd. D. Stop in on weekends and check out her artwork. Someday you might see a likeness of your Commodore in there (hint, hint).

We can’t forget Doboy, They have been great giving us permission to use their beach for all our events in the past and we will be using it again this year. The city will be working on the beach area this summer since the water has receded.

2004 Sailing Events
If you happened to throw your last newsletter away or maybe you didn’t get one, sorry, the events so far this year are as follows:

  • June 5, Banquet at Trout Road Inn
  • June 12, First SIR (Saturday Informal Race) at noon
  • July 3, Celebration Sailing Regatta at noon
  • July 10, Second SIR at noon
  • August 14, Third SIR at noon
  • September 5, Shell Lake Town & Country Days Sailing Regatta at 2:00 PM

Wine tasting TBA at the banquet
Sail Around the Island TBA at the banquet

Thoughts and Prayers
One of our members, Bob Ericksen, is very sick with a type of Thyroid cancer and we should all keep him in our thoughts and prayers.


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The mission of the Shell Lake Sailing Club is to bring together people that have an interest in sailing on one of Wisconsin's premiere sailing lakes. Our main objectives are to promote the recreational sport of sailing, educate those interested in becoming sailors, sponsor local regattas, and most importantly . . . getting together to socialize and have FUN!