Shell Lake Sailing Club
2011 Newsletter

Just a little note to tell everyone that there is still a Shell Lake Sailing Club. Just because I have stopped running races doesn't mean we don't exist anymore. We will still be having a Sailing Banquet at the Lakeview Hotel on Saturday, June 18th starting at 6:00 PM. I have ordered some appetizers out of our finances to start out the evening. The Banquet will be a sit down dinner event where everyone will order off the menu and pay their bill at the end. I would like to know who would be attending so I can tell John an approximate number. I am in Memphis at the present time so call me at 715-520-3644 or email me at

Our Chief Wine Steward, Chip Wood, is recovering from major surgery, will be staying in California this summer and won't be available to run our wonderful Wine Tasting Party. Without Chip heading it up, I am not sure if we could run it. We are wishing him a good recovery and want to see him back here again next year. We can talk about the Wine Tasting Party at the Banquet.

We are still looking for someone to run our sailboat races and I will be looking for volunteers at the Banquet. The first race that I would like to do is the backdrop for the Shell Lake Art Show that will be held on July 2nd and maybe one more this year in August. It isn't a difficult job as I would be placing out the markers for the race and will calculate who the winners are after the race. When I say run the race, I mean start the race and record the times when the sailboats finish. The rest is up to me.

There was one suggestion that we might like to change the name to Shell Lake Sailing, Skiing and Social Club. We can discuss this at the Banquet and talk about anything else that may come up.

We won't need any dues this year.

Hope to see you at the Banquet.

Tom Scott, Commodore


About Us


The mission of the Shell Lake Sailing Club is to bring together people that have an interest in sailing on one of Wisconsin's premiere sailing lakes. Our main objectives are to promote the recreational sport of sailing, educate those interested in becoming sailors, sponsor local regattas, and most importantly . . . getting together to socialize and have FUN!